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TG: yo egderp

EB: hey dave!

TG: sup

EB: just dealing with my dad. he's such a pain, trying to make me eat so much of this shitty cake. i've had more than enough.

TG: so pretty much bullshit right

EB: yeah, pretty much bullshit. i keep trying to tell him that i've had enough, but he keeps making more! these things are almost as big as me.

TG: how about you get your derpy self over here then

EB: umm, alright, but i'll have to sneak past my dad again. hahaha, disguise time! this will totally work.

TG: what the fuck are you even talking about it shouldnt be that hard to get past your dad

EB: have you ever met him? he's always right around the corner with another cake or some betty crocker shit.

TG: no i havent egbert and i dont plan on it any time soon

EB: ok i'll try to get past him, it should be possible with this wicked disguise i put together.

TG: well if you do end up here bro said it was okay i guess

EB: okay i'll either be there in a little bit, or come back here and you'll have to help me think of another way to get past him.

TG: ever think of strife
TG: if it doesnt work i mean

EB: i'm here!

TG: that was fast

Dave finds they never really ceased their chat, but he guessed
that was okay.

John knocks on Dave's door, fidgeting his hands in his pockets.

Dave slowly gets up from his chair to go answer the door. Nearly tripping on a smuppet he finds Cal. Gotta give that bro a fist bump. He opens the door slowly and peeks at John. "Egderp, that you"

"Well duh it's me, dude, who else would be knocking on your door? You never get visitors. All of the neighbors know of those creepy puppets your bro has all over."

Bro gives Dave a totally cool thumbs up and walks away. "You can come in you know that right." the smuppet's were packed into a pile over by Bros room, so it looked safe enough to come in.

John walks in, looking around. "Wow, all of the smuppet's aren't all over the place. Did you make an effort to clean them up before i came over? Those things seriously freak me out. I can't stand them."

Dave looks around trying to find words, but decides to only say a few, "You get used to them after awhile"

"Jeez, I can't even imagine that. So, why'd you call me over here suddenly?"

"Are you saying a bro cant be nice once in awhile" he walked over to the couch and sat down. Gently he patted the cushion next to him, and glanced at John.

"I never said anything about Bro!" john sat down on the couch next to dave. "Bro's pretty chill."

"I said a bro.." he softly chuckled to himself and looked at john again only straight in the eye, "As in me"

"O-oh, hahaha, jeez, I'm so stupid! I misunderstand so many things." he felt so uncool and nerdy now, and it showed on his face.

"Egbert are you blushing" He knew he was, and because his pale face was so white the blushing just made him more derpy in a little cute way. He leaned in a little that seemed for a closer look, but honestly it wasn't.

"N-no way man! I'm way too manly for that." he pulled his face away from that and tried to look manly.

Dave pushed John down and picked him up like a princess to his room. "Lets go to my room now"

"Hey! Put me down!" John struggled to reach his hands up to his face and take off his foggy glasses. Wow, embarrassing.

Dave suddenly kicked his bedroom door open. When the door opened music that was trapped was let out until he closed his door. "I keep forgetting my rooms walls are soundproof. heh." he chuckled softly again and threw john on a couch.

John awkwardly put his glasses back on, but near the tip of his nose, so they didn't fog over again.

"So what should we do now.." he started to clean up his records and music set, making sure there was no dust on it.

"Uhhhmmmmm, I don't know, any ideas?" he took off his glasses and cleaned them on his shirt.

"Truth or dare is kinda sketchy but we could I mean Tez made me play it a few times and shit" he looked over to John, wondering what secrets he has.

I guess..
If that's what you want to do.."
John looked nervous. He was worried dave could tell. He turned and pretended to be looking at something else in the opposite direction.

Dave could tell what was on Johns innocent mind. "I bet I know one thing your gonna make me do on dare" he smirked, not smiled, but smirked a little. He walked himself in front of John, making them meet face to face. "Shall we start?"

Sure." he was terrified something awkward would happen. He is so self-conscious about his awkwardness, especially around someone as chill as Dave. It made him want to hide forever.

"Truth or dare, bro" he sat on the couch next to John, and then glanced at him.

" want, I guess.." John went over the ways this could go wrong. The things dave could ask, the things Dave could make him do. He felt sick, but he just wanted to please Dave, so he tried his best to go along with it.

Dave chuckled a bit, "John" he said calmly. "You look nervous, whats up?" he smirked a bit.

"I just, uh, don't play this game much I guess, and uhhhhmm, ummmm... just continue, it's nothing, ok?"

He hesitated before he said anything. "You sure?"
Its the only two words he managed to leave his lips, but they had some what meaning.

"Yeah dude i'm okay, seriously". 'Just get it over with' he thought, maybe it'll get easier later.

"If you say so" he looked for more words "Truth or dare." he smirked and cocked his head.

"Uhm..well, which one do you think I should go with? Uhh.."

"Do you even know how to play" he almost had a laugh leave his pair of beautiful lips.

"D-duh! Uhm, truth. Wait, no, dare! No I choose truth again. Truth please." he pushed up his glasses awkwardly.

Dave looked at him and nearly smiled, "If you had to choose" he looked for more words, "what would be your favorite kind of cake" he couldn't help it but ask that one question.

"Uuuuugh don't even mention cake!! I can't answer that. My dad has forced so much cake down my throat recently, it makes me completely sick just thinking about it." John looked disgusted.

"Oh come on John.. or is it that your dads terrible at baking?" he laughed into his hands and then stopped, letting his hair flow.

"No he is really good actually!! It's just too much of something, then you get sick of it." he completely forgot his worries.

"I get where your coming from" he looked around, waiting for his turn.

"Oh, there's something I'm forgetting, isn't there? Maybe I don't know how to play this game. Truth or dare?"

"Heh. I choose dare." he pushed up his glasses a bit in a totally cool way.

"Uhhmmmmmmm, I dare you to, uhh, hug lil cal! Yeah, that's it, hug that creepy motherfucker, heheheh. He sends chills down my spine. I absolutely hate him."

He looked around for Lil Cal. There he was, he thought. He grabbed the so called motherfucker and quickly hugged him and then put him back down gently. "Okay" he came back and sat back down like nothing happened.

John just stared. ", you're really used to the little guy, aren't you?"

Dave put on a smug face. No way he was gonna tell the truth. "It was nothing"

"Hahaha, that's pretty cool man. Maybe you could teach me to deal with him some time."

"Heh. It takes a lot of living with Bro" he smugly said. "Truth or dare, Egderp."

"How about a dare this time!" John was feeling more up to things now.

He searched for things of daring. He wondered... "John take off your glasses"...would he look better if....?

"Oh, uh, okay???" he gladly took them off, in fear they'd fog up again. He had a problem with that.

"Hmm" he noticed them fog up a bit. He took them and sprayed them with some lenses cleaner he kept in the bathroom. They started to not fog up as much, then gladly gave them back to the...cute?...Yeah. The cute little derp in front of him.
"Your eyes are so blue I kinda get a little lost in them" he calmly said to him.

"Oh, uh, I, um, thank you??? heheheh," he was so embarrassed, he was sure his face was bright red all over.

Dave smirked a little and wondered if he could possibly make his face even more red. "My turn isnt it i pick" he searched for answers quick enough so John didn't notice, "Dare".

"I, uh, dare you to, uuuhhh, do something you'd never think of doing before? I'm completely out of ideas, whoops, heh."

Dave looked for more ideas, only of ones that would be totally embarrassing if anyone found out. "Fuck. Why did you have to choose a tricky one" he mumbled. He leaned in closer and closer to Johns face.

"Eheheheh, heh, um, dave, what are you doing, it's umm.." John didn't continue.

"I thought you would've gave that whole 'Dave, im not a homosexual' thing by now" their faces were in complete contact now. "Unless your really not one" he looked into Johns eyes carefully.

"uh, I.. er..." he looked away quickly, but didn't pull his face away.

Dave cupped Johns face in his hand and felt how smooth his face was. "Damn bro." He resumed leaning in more and more till their lips met.

John made no sound, and simply pushed back against Dave's lips gently.

Dave ran his tongue over Johns bottom lip, breathing easy.

"Nn," john moaned quietly, sheepishly, but didn't stop.

Dave smirked and as soon as John opened that mouth a little wider, Dave's tongue went exploring. He was enjoying this a little too much.

John's heart raced and he realized he was enjoying this as well. He didn't push Dave back at all now.

Dave decided to move to the bed from the couch, still keeping the kiss unbreakable. He pushed the two onto the messy bed and started to remove Johns pants.

John felt slightly uncomfortable and embarrassed but went along with it, as he wanted it greatly. He continued to kiss Dave passionately and wrapped his arms around him.

Dave loved the feeling of Johns arms wrapped around him. He made his hand cup Johns bulge and slightly brush it with his thumb.

John gasped at Dave's touch, and grasped him tighter, breathing heavily.

"You like that, huh?" Dave quietly asked in his friends ear, continuing the brushing.

"Mm.." he replied, his whole body tense and anxious.

Dave smirked a little more, then returned to his poker face and used his other hand to creep up and under Johns shirt, showing his stomach, and then snaked to his nipples and rubbed them for awhile.

"Oh man.." he murmured as shivers formed all over his body. He dug his nails into Dave's sides lightly.

"Have you even done this before" Dave asked curiously, while looking at his body.

"N-no, dude, isn't it obvious? Hahaha, I'm so lame." he spoke with obvious nervousness in his voice.

Dave felt a bit honored to be his first. 'So let the game begin', he thought to himself. He kept gazing in Johns electric blue eyes.

"Eheheheh." john blushed heavily with a dorky smile on his face.

"How has this not happened to you yet?" Dave questioned, still looking into Johns gorgeous eyes.

"I don't know, I guess no one ever bothered to make a move, maybe." he shrugged awkwardly.

Dave looked at John for a moment, "How can they not make a move when your that adorable.". Dave didn't care if it sounded so uncool, but it was true.

"Maybe I'm just too adorable!" John said jokingly.

Your name is Dave Strider, and this was a ironically fun night.
Kay so this was a roleplay between :iconzappyfish: and me. I had to do major editing on this throughout the process. I thought it should've gone longer, but I thought if I added a couple lines I should be fine.
She thinks shes not good at romance roleplay....Pshhh..

EDIT:: Okay, so I forgot to add something important. I was Dave, she was John. I think her John was just perfection. But, yeah. That's the major edit.
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